Saturday, January 15, 2011

Which is your favorite season?

Hello!! Hope you're all having a great great weekend, I started the day hunting some gooooodddd items from Seasons Hunt (TSH), it was laggy but it totally worth it, most of the places have the snowman (which is what you all have to look for) on a visible place and it's not tiny at all, so get on groups if you want to do this funnier and do it!

Here are some of my findings:


Make up: Pididdle - Chapped lips ony with teeth - FREE from TSH Absolutely ADORABLE!! I usually don't wear teeth but this looks really good, I'll do a close up later on (There are also some other make ups inside the gift)

Ingenue - Ever after cardigan - FREE from TSH I love how it looks so feminine

Elate! - Silver pocket watch - FREE from TSH, so cuteeeeeeeeeeeee

Young Urban - Norfolk pants olive - FREE from TSH It's unisex so guys go and get it!


Hair: Shag - Sylph in Kitten - FREE from TSH The gift contains 2 colors of a pre release :)

Bow and dress:
Tokidoki - Le dress du pomme - FREE from TSH I adore it, from the color to the pattern to everything!

I have more but I have to put it together in to some other looks, so I'll be posting it hopefully soon :D

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