Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Flying Low Snow

Hmm, I'm pretty sure there's something I'm supposed to be doing... OH YES! Blogging! Wow, that New Year hangover was a biggie! Anyway, back to business...

Just as the snow outside my window has started to melt Swafette Firefly of SF Design started giving away snow suits. Now anyone who knows me knows that I can't resist a good suit. I can't resist a bad suit either but that's a whole different blog post. So I ran over and discovered a snow suit is way more casual than most of mine, it didn't even some with a tie! But it did look cosey and warm so I decided to grab one anyway. Luckily Swafette also had a 25L shirt on offer, and despite it not being Monday I grabbed myself one of those to keep standards up.

Now the snow suit reminded me a lot of my flight suit, so I jumped in a plane and went in search of lands still frozen. Spotting somewhere to land I parked up and hopped out, and I can confidently say I was as warm as a jet engine in that snow suit. So toasty in fact I unbuttoned the shirt a little to impress the female penguins wandering by. As you can imagine I had to fight them off with many a snowball, and then I saw a site you would not believe, they started dive bombing me! I didn't think penguins could fly, but boy was I wrong, although I think helicopters might be cheating a little...

Flying Snow Low

  • Men's Snowsuit (blue) - Free @ SF Design

  • Tuscan shirt (mauve) - 25L @ SF Design

  • And a belated pre-Christmas pose from Miyoko Magic who recently merged with Helianthus Mesmer and rebranded as HelaMiyo

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