Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Boom + LoQ + Belleza + bellballs + Little Boxes

Sixteen Sweater dress - New release - Boom  (avail. in 36 diff. colors !)

boom, LoQ, Belleza, Belleballs, Little Boxes

Hair : LoQ Breve - Mocha
Skin : Belleza - Erika Sk group gift (250L group join fee)
Slippers : Gacha My Bedtime Slippers - Mixed Berries 30L - BelleBalls
Sofa : part of a package from Little Boxes Happy Holiday's hunt

The pose is from Pretzel Poses (can't find a good lm.. so maybe no longer avail.), the sofa has 3 great sits but I need something to show off the awesome slippers.  I don't know why I love slippers so much here in sl... I'm usually always bare foot in rl.

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