Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Voluptia + LoQ + Curio + Miamai

Voluptia will be having their grand opening event on January 15th. A note in the subscribe says that on Friday Jan. 14th all members of the VIP group will be sent a 150L gift Voucher.   There are also gifts set out for you at the store...

Voluptia Group

Lingerie : Parfait by Voluptia - LadyVanir Dragovar
Hair : Con Panna Black by LoQ Hairs - Gia Pawpad
Skin : Curio group gift by Gala Phoenix
Pose : Miamai - Props and Pose Fair I was only Dreaming - Mavi Beck  for the Superhero Epilepsy Combat Syndicate !

Voluptia + LoQ + Curio + Miamai

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