Sunday, January 30, 2011

Defender Of The Cake

Apparently I was a tad foolish letting on that I was out hunting earlier this morning, because whilst I prowled around I discovered someone was after my cake!

Obviously, being a manly man hunt I didn't drop everything - granted the heavy, blunt object that returned with me will never be found by the cops, and I can't go into too much details, but suffice to say the culprit won't be bothering me any more. Except for perhaps if I can't get that bloodstain out.

Anyway, I figured as I was near cake I'd take a quick breather and grab the first items i had that weren't in boxes (because I'm lazy and unpacking is hard work). And bizarrely I didn't end up a total trainwreck which is a good sign for the quality of gifts I'm grabbing.

Defender Of The Cake

  • Connors - Denim Vest

  • KOSH - MUC Pants

  • FIR & MNA - MENstuff loafers (expect to see these shoes popping up a lot more in these posts since shoes are pretty rare)

1 comment:

Lyrilen said...

That is one sexy beefcake - I would guard it to.