Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Coming of Age

While the northern hemisphere is approaching summer, us down under are approaching winter with the same speed. It can be hard sometimes to feel the same enthusiasm for the SL fashion seasons, strictly northern hemisphere-centric as it is, when you're looking at the opposite season through the windows. I mean, who would be comfy looking at swim wear when you're huddled up in woolies and keeping warm with a cup of coffee in FL? Today, I'll consider both, you know where you are ;)

Sally 2

Mesh is developing so fast. It's been fun to see how sensitive creators have addressed the inevitable problems and pleasantly surprised to discover the results. After wrinkling my nose at clumsy shapes and thick muddy latex looks, even I, the self proclaimed mesh troglodyte, am starting to prick up my ears (read: 'not even I can ignore it any longer').

To accept mesh into your life is at this stage a lot about accepting compromises. That sounds like a complete sell out, but think for a moment...  how much don't we already compromise with sculpts and system clothing? We live with too tight fitting system clothes... which is part of why sculpts were introduced. Now we live with ugly gaps between sculpts and glitch layers and with sweaters that hangs like church bells around our tummies... 

Sally 1

I realised this while I was trying on and contemplating these tunics from ALB Dreamfashion. AnaLee Balut have had attacks of pure existential angst with mesh, but her persistence to apply her textural flair had paid off with some very beautiful results now. Well, yes, so the chest of the tunic might be a little big and yes, so there's a small gap present here and there... but how would these have looked done in the 'old fashioned' way? Looking at the soft folds of the body and sleeves, the visual pluses way way outweighs any minuses. When I consider the familiar trouble spots if this garment had been attempted with the 'traditional' techniques... 

I guess it's time to say that mesh has grown up. It's mainly the 'deformers' that are missing now, any other remaining issues are minor. Disclaimer: I do not regard non-mesh compatible viewers as 'minor' *quickly changes 'any' above to 'most'*


Tunics: From the fat pack of Sally (mesh with prim belt), ALB Dreamfashion. Every 'colour' also comes with a dress option with an added 'skirt'. A special spring inspired design is part of the group gift for May and yet another Ashraya.... totalling 23 juicy texture variations.

Jeans, top pic: Kelly Jeans LilliALB Dreamfashion. Part  of May group gift ( 1L, no join fee atm, I think).

Jeans, bottom pic: Lotta Jeans BlackALB Dreamfashion.

Sandals, top pic: Old group gift, ALB Dreamfashion

Scarf, bottom pic: Striped Afghan ShawlMeenaFree

Poses: Top pic my own. Bottom by Bent, available at The Retreat.

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