Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Seeing Red

Hiya, just a little quickie, these last days have been a wee bit intense. I've just got one of those things you can't keep to yourself. sYs have put out an impressive bunch of group gifts (including several fem skins) next to the landing spot. It's a real treasure trove. Some I know of from before, other's I don't so I had fun indeed. The quality is very good, some of them are special colour editions of their stock in store so it's a generous loot... lot... indeed. The guys are are also catered for.

If I remember correctly and nothing has changed, a small join fee applies. No worries, however, the stuff is worth it.

Today I'll try to be concise without any of the usual blaethering and just get on with it. I've tried to include as many different gifts as practically possible. 

Seeing Red 1

Let's start with the little outfit for the daily round of blowing up corporate mining operations on Mars. I know, I took some artistic license with the sky but it matches the pants.

Hair/Hat: Majestic Hat - Hair Blue, sYs, Group gift
Top: Stardust - Shirt, sYs, fem version, male version available, Group gift
Pants: Nomade, unisex, sYs, Group gift
Boots: Sentinelle - Stomp Boots, sYsGroup gift
Belt: Buttle BeltBUKKA. Can't remember how I got it, but I think it's still available. It's a whole scripted battle system in its own right it seems... my lack of insight must mean I got it for free somehow. it looks the part anyway ^^
Goggles and mask from inventory

The boots and pants come in the same packet, which also includes a matching red poncho. It's the prize from their last inhouse Christmas hunt. Check the whole thing out here => X.

Seeing Red 2

For the ones away from the dirt and dust and daylight...

Catsuit: Penumbra, sYs, Group gift
Collar, harness and gloves: From Tacca outfit, sYs, Group gift
Corset: Extreme Caution Underbust Corset, mesh, Etchaflesh. Promo, 99L, from marketplace. Blogged in last post... but you can se it in better light here, the shape is simply scrumptious
Boots: Stiletto Knee Boot, Lapointe & Bastchild, not free and not very cyber... but look at those curves!
Lashes: Lashes 03Finesmith, not free
Makeup: he-hemm... Light Grey (Wear Grey Exclusive) eShadow and Dark Kiss Lipsmacker, both from Mock with added Guyliner 01, A:S:S

Photo spots from Insilico again. The Mars mining operation is a build in progress but it's fantastic. Well worth a visit. You can see it better here => X.

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