Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Sea Fishing

Okay, I should really be blogging my outfit, but time is tight and as cool as the outfit is, this is cooler.

So we're all mesh junkies now. I've blogged in the past about it, but it's far from an ideal shopping experience still. Which has possibly made me a little cynical. Now for me the big selling point of mesh has been the movement, the idea that I can wear a leather jacket that is neither bouncy like rubber nor stiff like it has been abused. But I've also heard a lot of designers talking about the ability to get more detail in. I have no idea how, and again I am a cynic, but people who know more have suggested it's possible so I am open-minded and listening.

Now I've been wandering around with A:S:S Vision eyes for a while. The textures are cool, the prims work. I've been happy. And then a few days ago I got a set of mesh eyes as a group gift from them. And they are impressive. I'll admit I'm not a huge fan of the clear whites version, probably personal taste, but I just didn't get excited. The natural whites however... Okay, these seem to lift the game. But I still can't wear them because they aren't blue and I'm one of those strange people that gets set in their ways and I only wear non-blue eyes with extreme provocation.

Then they launch a Marketplace special edition at 50L, which are closer. Less brown, more bluey-green. Very nice, but still not really blue. But there's more! Yep, the Peili and Sombre ranges for light or dark colours! Seafoam? A little green around the gills. Atlantis? A little purple? Not really, these will do!

Peili Atlantic natural mesh eyes

The range is smaller than the rest of the A:S:S offerings just now, which is a shame because I do like the slightly more vibrant blueness of my main eyes just a little bit more, but there's something so enchanting about these mesh eyes I don't care. 80L a pair, well, for two pairs since you get natural and clear whites in the same pack. You can't go much wrong at that can you?

So while I'm nitpicking the range of choice what else should you think about? The resizer HUD probably. I put in one clear and one natural to compare and increased the sizes before picking one. And then I realised there was no reset button or ability to resize just one eye. In fairness that's probably getting rather fancy for something you'll rarely use though. Once I picked natural I just popped both eyes out, attached the un-resized natural eye and clicked the resizer a few times. I tend to pay attention so I was fairly confident on the clicks needed to match, and eyeballing (forgive the pun) suggests it's a pretty good match. Not a real problem, just a warning to pay attention if you do anything silly like I did.

But ya know what, as someone who is obsessive about the shade of eye, I'm happy compromising for the glorious detail. That image shows what happens to a lot of textures when you zoom that close, and the eyes just get better the closer you get. I'm hooked.

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