Sunday, May 27, 2012

Elegantly Despairing

What to say...? I really don't have a clue, I've simply have had such a good time putting this stuff together that I'm schtumm, quite honestly. Maybe I don't know enough about goths *smiles rather foolishly* Whatever.... Seems very much to be what you want it to be anyway. For me, it's a dark romanticism, very sensual where gender begins at the androgyne and moves towards the absolutely totally yummily fem.

Maybe one could muse on EXACTLY what 'dark' means... but I'll spare you that, after all I'm supposed to be schtumm. What I won't spare you, however, is the information that the World Goth Fair is in full swing. It will be so until the 31st and is a fundraising event for the Sophie Lancaster Foundation who works for creating respect for alternative life styles and sub cultures... this after a brutal attack where a young woman was killed just for looking different. This event doesn't seem to have an official page, but you can find LMs to the two sims involved below.

Goth 1

Anyway, here's my interpretations of 'goth'. I'll just get on with the styling.

Top: Poser from Lizard King, Faster Pussycat (fingerless gloves, which can't really be seen, are from same outfit)
Pants: Tokyo Hotel, high rise version, Faster Pussycat
Belt: PoeticaRFyre, past MenStuff Hunt prize
Boots: Elise Ankle Boot, Lapointe & Bastchild
Bracelets: Can't be seen, but they belong to the set of the choker below :P

Goth 2

Hair: Teeloh, Wasabi Pills.
Eyes: Sunrise Deep Absinthe, IKON
Makeup, eyes: Gothica Makeup Effect [11], Mock Cosmetics, World Goth Fair, 100% of proceeds goes to the Sophie Lancaster Foundation. Thank you Mockie!
Makeup, lips: Dark Kiss LipsmackerMock Cosmetics, most prabably a group gift ^^
Bridge piercing: Externalized Bridge Piercing 04, Finesmith
Chain: Ganesh, LOULOU&CO. Colour change gem stones.
Choker: CrepusculeLOULOU&CO

Goth 3

This look I have sort of blogged before, here, but... look at THESE BOOTS! I simply had to include them somehow.

Boots: Paris Boots, ALB Dreamfashion. AnaLee Balut has begun the long and arduous task of making her range of boots colour change... which is brilliant. I've been standing at the wall with these ones several times but failing finding the colour I 'need'. With these beauts, that's an issue of the past. Ok, so goth might not be the most convincing colour example... but I got  exactly what was needed to perfect the look, that's the crux. Thank you AnaLee!!! Oh, the old coloured versions are for sale for 100L at the moment.

Goth 4

Some other changes to make it exact:

Hair: Still Vanessa, Truth
Makeup, eyes: Gothica Makeup Effect [9]Mock Cosmetics, World Goth Fair, 100% of proceeds goes to the Sophie Lancaster Foundation. Thank you Mockie! These effects can of course be worn layered over other make up to get an effect.
Makeup, lips: Dark Crimson Lip Jelle and Black Currant Lip Jelle, Mock Cosmetics... HA! Bought these ones.
Piercings: Takayama, Mandala
Necklace: The Oracle Choker, Virtual/Insanity (bought at the World Goth Fair)
Prim nails, Ring: Ankh Ring & Nails, Virtual/Insanity, World Goth Fair, 100% of proceeds goes to the Sophie Lancaster Foundation.

Photos are taken on the very 'gothic' Lost World ;)

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