Monday, May 21, 2012

B for Black Skull and Butterfly

Finally! I've been so busy lately that this little pet project of mine is delayed at the second instalment already. But here it is, the letter B in my Ronja A-Z, showcasing the classic outfits by Ronja Pera of RDesigns. The first instalment and more of an introduction can be found here with details about my av => A.

So without further delay, I give you Black Skull and Butterfly. As with most of Ronja's outfits, there's a range of alternatives to wear them. 

Ronja B Black Skull 1

Ronja B Black Skull 2

Black Skull. Somwhere there are special Black Skull boots, but I haven't found them, nor were they included in the stuff I received directly from Ronja. Instead I have used Black Boots. Painted system nails are included.

Ronja B Butterfly 1

Ronja B Butterfly 2

Butterfly, a soft outfit designed using repeats of a bejewelled butterfly brooch(?). Special matching Butterflies Shoes accompanies it. 

Both this extraordinary outfits can be found for free at Freebie Galaxy

The poses are by Fluke and Bent, all available at The Retreat.

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