Sunday, May 27, 2012

Short Sighted

Now, some of you may remember my last post where I told you all I was hooked on the new mesh Atlantis eyes from A:S:S Vision. I need to make a retraction.

You see, I had heard a rumour there were more eyes in the pipeline, and a couple of days later I I found myself staring into the very vibrant "Intense - Water" eyes. Well, I had said I wanted a more vibrant blue... So I tried them on. Wow, vibrant!


Yeah, remember me saying natural was better than clear? Nope, I was wrong. Person choice, if you buy anything from the Intense range, go clear. It's not like they have a solid white eyeball or anything, it's just less capillary filled, and with eyes that intense it made me look like a boy band being interviewed with a hangover. Intense = clear. Simple!

So yeah, now I've set that record straight let's move on to today. Yesterday saw the start of Men Only Hunt 2 - I loved the first so I'm itching to do this, but I'm also coughing up a lung in rl so I just stopped at a store I knew had something special awaiting me - 22769 (PS, MOH2 is one of those nice hunts that tells you which store relates to which clue, not just a blind number that leaves you stuck if there's a problem).

Having been following the chaps tales of a store rebuild I figured I should see the new layout, which is very nice and summery, along with their hunt gift - mesh capri trousers/shorts, covered in awesome stripes!


Now, what makes this gift extra awesome is they had this gift made, and then standard male sizes came out so they did a quick update using the new sizes guide. Apparently I'm Extra Small... Which is a bit ironic given how I whined I was too big for 22769's very first male mesh release. I thought I'd be a medium, but no, I am small. Apparently I have room for some more chocolate... But yes, if you want to know how standard male sizes fit you, get to 22769 and grab some free stripey summer shorts in everything from XS to XL.

Oh, and... you know what I said up there about how you can be all vibrant and eyebally? Yeah well, erm... they only lasted a few days too. It's Lazy Sunday and for 75L you can buy a pack of Eniad eyes over at A:S:S.

Short Sighted - Eniad Bright Blue

I maybe got the Vivid pack (it was really tough between that and muted in the blues I must say, both are stunning). No need to chose how clear your eyes are, only one option. But I went Bright Blue, obviously. And yes, the HUD is insanely easy when you're doing a matching set of eyes. I need to increase about 35% to completely avoid gaps during that wonderful SL eyerolling we all do, but despite being XS my head is pretty big so...

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