Tuesday, May 15, 2012

What Tangled Web...

Have had a bit of a syncronicity moment. You know, like when you're walking along trying to remember the seven deadly sins just to walk past a deli advertising a new range of ice-creams named after them.

I was doing one of my favourite things, rummaging through a pile of gifts, hoping to find something random to spark off my imagination, when this outfit turned up amongst them... or at least the main bits of it. The complete styling can be found at the bottom.

Pay It Forward 1

Now, The Retreat, where the gifts can be found, happens to be built on generosity. Once it gets established, everyone will be a winner. With that knowledge under my belt, for some reason, this particular gift really touched me. It could be as simple as it brings out Miss Siss Criss (try saying that fast ten times) or it could be the perceived generosity behind it. Maybe it's because it's so radically different from everything else at the store that evokes the feeling of giving without expectations of any returns. Just pure kindness. It might not be perfect, but it's complete with pearl choker and boots. What about that?

Pay It Forward 2

Feeling all warm and fuzzy and deep in thought trying to sort out this tangled web of kindness, I logged into FlickR just to find the following sign staring back at me. Someone else has caught the good bug... Let's hope it'll grow into an epidemic. Click for more information.

The Pay It Forward Project


Coat and pants: Midnight Shey, Kitty from Paris, FREE at The Retreat
Mask: Floral Blind Mask Monochrome,  LaGyo
Corset: Extreme Caution Underbust Corset, Etchaflesh, Mesh, Promo price, 99L, on the market place
Hair: Lys, Vanity Hair
Makeup: Black Currant Lip Jelle, Mock, over Light & Shadow ~ Plum GeishaTableaux Vivant

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