Saturday, June 2, 2012

Look At Me

It's a funny relationship we have with our avs for sure. In theory I can only speak for myself, but I've noticed on countless occasions how friends shift in their personality when they move between alts. Give me three alts and I give you three people. It seems we project different part of ourselves into our various pixel dolls... and that seems to be true even for people who claim they are the same whoever they're 'in'. My relationships are different with people's alts as well... I can be very partial to one while luke warm to another, even if I know there's the same person at the keyboard. I decline to mention one in particular that gets BOTH my bitch and asshole going.

Look At Me 1

As far as I understand from self observation, our behaviour is very much based on our role models and expectations how certain people act, especially when we change into someone we're not. In fact, changing avs and alts have made me realise the importance of role models for our behaviour. I think it would be a good idea for prospective partners to swap genders for a while and try each other out before committing. According to Jung, we have both genders in us... maybe meeting the 'other' in the intended could be quite 'interesting'... the 'inlaw' we never know until it's too late.

I'm writing this because I've got one persona throwing tantrums at the moment. Yup. I've been doing some av swapping lately to be able to show some particular stuff and the herm is NOT happy, so s/he's here to get things into balance again. This is a portion of ME ME ME to keep the peace in the household so to speak.

I couldn't find a spot light, but I did find a microphone, which will have to do. As you can see, I do have a few yummy things as well to show and tell. I'm especially proud to show you the facial makeover - I modelled for the vendor picture. How's that for a 'look at me'?

Look At Me 2

Hat/hair: Bonomo, LoQ, present run at TDRB
Makeup: ZOMG IT'S GOTHIC Mida's Dark Shadow, Mock Cosmetics, Black Market
Extra Lip Layer: Dark Kiss LipSmacker, Mock Cosmetics, Group gift
Bangles: Silon, FZaPP
Collar: 'from inventory'
Tattoo: Mystic Square, CoLLBlack Market
Pants: Woodcutter's Overalls, Doppelgänger Inc

The pose is mine, modified with the help of Animare.

Aaaahhh... that seems to have settled the itch a little. I think s/he... I... will accept a little bit of more dabbling with other avs for a wee while longer. Seriously though, I've encountered something new - 'av rivalry'. Would this be a variant of the sibling one?

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