Saturday, June 16, 2012

Just Browsing

I don't visit The Gallery Gift Shop often enough. It's cool. It's sophisticated and trendy too, which is why I have to wait for it to be quiet and no-one can see me there...

But, it is nice there. The garden/courtyard is always worth exploring and the gift shop has some great finds too, both artistically and shopping wise. It's great, window shopping has never been more acceptable! Luckily, I even looked the part today! The 22769 chaps can be relied upon to offer something manly for this event and it's kinda stylish and trendy too.

Just browsing

And for an outfit made of mesh I was both warm and decent in public! And it really is a whole mesh outfit for 180L - trousers, and a combined shirt and jacket. Yes, it's a bit of a pain that you can't wear the jacket with other shirts, but I'm not trendy enough to actually match it up any better. It has a nice ombre dye pattern which is very chic and most of my shirts just have "clever" jokes on them... So not all bad. And really, for 180L who can complain? Even if you only ever wore the jeans you'd be happy at that price.

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