Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Ronja A-Z: Arriving at D with a Froobatta Tree

It's slowly happening... fourth part of this little SL fashion history project, Ronja A-Z, which is all about documenting the classic outfits of Ronja Pera of Rdesigns. All of us might not have been wearing her stuff but most will know about them and remember them from their noob days. For more introduction, see the first part.

I was going to have the figure floating against white background as a theme in this series but then I found this Froobatta Tree by Fluke at the new round at The Retreat. Quirky and with 10 poses to choose from, PLUS a poem, it offered some colour to what otherwise would be a monochromatic post. 

Without any further bleather: 

Ronja A-Z D 1

D is for Dragon, Sexy Dragon with the separate Dragon, Black Dragon Boots... with plenty of bling!

Ronja A-Z D 2

D is for Dream, White Dream, with a couple of alternative ways of putting the stuff together.

Ronja A-Z D 3

Maybe there are shoes or boots that goes with White Dream, but they are not among the things I've hoarded.

Ronja A-Z D 4

D is for Dream, Black Dream, in a couple different combinations. Complete with boots.

Ronja A-Z D 5

That's D. These outfits are still available, for free of course:

Sexy Black Dragon: Freebie Island
Black Dragon Boots: Freebie Galaxy
White Dream: Freebie Dungeon
Black DreamFreebie Island

I'm very grateful to Ronja Pera who has donated a LOT of her old resell gear and for GM Nicolaides for the tree. 

Until next time, take care :)

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