Saturday, June 23, 2012


Hiya again. I'm sure that by now everyone is familiar with the Stand4Love logo that's spreading like a wildfire among blogs. It's heart warming to see the overwhelming grass root support for same sex marriage that's being expressed in this way. 


I give my full hearted support in favour of this, rather basic, human right. We live in a society built on a religion that claims to profess unconditional love while imposing fear based and misogynic conditions in which said love can be so.

Ciss' gender is a mythological one, I've finally settled on 'esoteric hermaphrodite' since what I've tried to achieve with the body sliders and infuse with a matching personality is a biological impossibility - the union of the male and female principle. My second life in this avatar have given me a taste of the pain a society of dogma ruminating sheeple can inflict while calling themselves 'decent' and 'loving'. Yup, it makes me angry. 

I get my fair share of 'those' IMs from complete strangers. Most often, however, in their great courage, those are dumped on my sweet and gentle SL wife... after the sender is safely away from the sim, of course. It's also pretty common if and when I fall out with someone, the other person immediately goes for my gender and spew not so pleasant FL insults and suggestions until their typing fingers cramp. They usually don't get to me, but sometimes I feel ashamed when I log out and leave these problems behind... knowing that for too many, the respite would be over and they have to return facing a unsympathetic society in FL.

My experiences might not exactly reflect what Stand4Love stands for but they have brought home as first hand experience how fundamental and deep the hurt can be... for such basic things as what gender we are and who we love and want to commit to... Who we LOVE!!! Give me a break!

I stand 4 love 100%. I actually do believe that deep inside somewhere, even the staunchest opposition to same sex marriage do as well, they just don't know it yet. 

Anyone interested can add their support for this cause and submit an image the the rapidly growing collection of amazing images on the support page on the Stand4Love site.

Since this is a fashion blog after all, here's the styling, but without links:

Hair: Boys&Girls 31, Dura
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Pants: Gatsby Pants, Tableaux Vivante
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