Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Hiya, so many events and hunts and soooooooo little time but a hunt for guys is something that can't be stood up.

Neatly organised and a friendly chat group makes Make Him Over Hunt a pleasure. Hints are available at most stores and the hunt item is pretty easily spotted. Official hunt page here and starting point here. Items are all 0L but requires group membership, which of course is free. MOST stores give hints on the spot. Contines until 15 July. I THINK that covers the basics so off you go *winks*

There is/was also a little extra MHOH mini hunt on SL9B with 10 hunt items for both genders. By the time this post is out, that will be over... almost. The last day is 27 June, that's today. There's 10 items hidden on the parcel, no group is needed. As I write this, there's a few hours left.

Below is my pick of the lot, (almost) exclusively using hunt items and as many as made sense. Out of the 76 stores that participated when I did the hunt, 12 where gendered mesh and unfortunately went straight in the bin even if some is real good looking. A further 10 consists of shapes and skins, male of course, but it's a male hunt so fair enough. The rest is pretty open and there's some real treasures among them. 


If i was to choose a couple of absolute favourites, the necklace and boots in this mix would be them.

Hat: Straw Cowboy Hat, Part of #11 TK Designs
Hair: Samson (with hair base), # 41 Amacci
Necklace: Steel Necklace, #25 K!ng
Shirt: Part of #2 Young, Rich & Beautiful
Shorts: Pop Flowers Denim, part of #10 RGDW
Boots: Troy Boots#37 Muism
Pose: Casual Men_7, part of #51 Focus Poses


I couldn't resist adding a few pieces from my inventory, this persona inhabits this place just so:

Hair: Noel Male, part of #16 Pocket Mirrors
Corsair: #40 Air, both male and female sizes included
Outfit: #7 Vero Modero
Pose: Casual Men_6, part of #51 Focus Poses

Gloves, ring, nets and sans heels from inventory.


When Innocence walks the Earth, all s/he needs is a trusty stethoscope to deal with the sickos:

Hat: Chavez Fedora, #45 Le Primitif
Hair: Hunt Exclusive, #4 UW.ST
Stethoscope: #10 Kumaki, SL9B Minihunt
Tattoo: Lotus, #70 Tattoo Art
Shirt: Jester Black Shirt, part of #58 Klam Design
Shorts: Solar Black, part of #3 SartoriaSL9B Minihunt
Shoes: Chill Trainers, part of #30 LovecatsDesigns
Pose: Aimless 06, part of #34 Stakey


For once I would like to acknowledge and thank the creators that's put out skins and shapes, even if I'm not male enough to use them:

Shape: Fibonacci L, #47 Spartacus
Skin: Dark,  #54 8 Designe
Necklace: Bikers Necklace, #28 Cyber Gem Jewelry
Tank: Pop Flowers Tank, part of #10 RGDW
Shorts: Man's Sexy Shorts, #76 Jomo
Shoes: Sive, #38 Latreia
Pose: Casual Men_8, part of #51 Focus Poses

The photos were taken while I tried my luck in the funhouse at the Carnival of Carnivorous Clowns. Any similarity between this place and the hunting experience is strictly coincidental... unless there's something I haven't told myself.

To everyone involved, a big THANK YOU!!!

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