Friday, June 29, 2012

It's A Jungle Out There

I was wrong but now I'm right.

Finesmith will be closing temporarily soon to close on some "bad decisions and open new path that is better". This announcement really is exiting and I can't wait to see what this new path will be. I'm expecting to enjoy it to be honest. I wish Yula the very best with whatever she has in mind, though.

But that is not yet... Until the end of July, according to the group notice, there's a massive sale. All single items is going for 100L... as well as some of the sets apparently. The group joining fee has been lowered to 100L, too. It wasn't that before which I mistakingly mentioned in a few posts ago even if I played it safe and added I didn't really have a clue but NOW it is so all is well *breaths in*

It's a Jungle 1

I, for one, intend to use this opportunity to catch up and purchase the pieces I've been oogling but not quite got around to buy. Resize scripts doesn't guarantee a perfect fit so I'm a slow and awkward customer at times.

Yula's titles tend to get me thinking and Back to Nature most certainly is one of those and it was a deep pleasure to create this post. I might not agree with adorning oneself with bits of large predators, it somehow clashes philosophically with the realisations someone going BACK to nature would have me thinks, BUT the idea of using organic materials is very attractive as it suggests a re-connection with Gaia.

It's a Jungle 2

Then there's of course the alternative 'nature'... a dystopian future where the majority becomes deprived of rights and resources, looses it's humanity and sinks into violent urban animalistic barbarism. I know what path I'd choose for sure :P

Anyway, I really enjoy these pieces from Finesmith. The decreasing use of old fashioned prims creates more freedom with sizing, which is real good. These pieces are all for SL men, huge as they tend to be, but I had no problems reduce them to fit me. 

Styling, links only where I know the stuff is still available:

Horn Ornament: Back To Nature Earring (male), Finesmith
Necklace: Back To Nature Necklace (male), Finesmith
Arm Band: Safari Bracelet (male), Finesmith
Bracelet: Jungle Bracelet (male), Finesmith
Hair: BMB103, Boon (mesh)
Horns: Walton's Parade: Wrecked Horns, Contraption, past event exclusive
Mask: Devil's Mask *Carnival A*, ContraptionLucky Board
Armor: Xylona Steam Claw, Yasum. Lucky Chair, blogged before
Body Paint: Shardul Fire, Adrenaline Rush
Dirt: Digging In The Dirt, Miss Shippe's Studio. Still in mid-move, I THINK
Knives: Dagger Of Assassin, RLWeapons, scripted for fighting

That's it for today. Take care until next time.

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