Thursday, June 21, 2012

Wrapping It Up

Last call!!! Ladies and gentlemen, a last hint hint nudge nudge for the SVPAP Project Rescue event. After tomorrow, the 22nd, the doors will close on this fundraising event in support for Sociedad Valencia Protectora de Animales y Plantas. 

BUT, it's not closed yet and I've got one last thing I really really REALLY want to show you which is available for one more day... this exclusive colour of the Salsa Wrap* by Vextra Fashion:

Wrapping It Up

The texture can only be described as stunning. You can really FEEL the silk against your skin and the wrapping complements one's shape in a rather luscious way.... even mine... I'm only saying... look at the curve of that hip. It also leaves something to the imagination, which is maybe fortunate in my case ^^ Other colours of this little beaut are available at their store.

The hair is another little bit of news that's quickly will be dated. This might be your only chance before it's too late even. There's an unusual little hunt happening between 22-25 June, the NN City Zombie Hunt. What makes it different is that you actually have to hunt zombies and destroy them for points with which you 'buy' the prizes you want. There will be music as well so this weekend will be full on. Participation is FREE, HUDs and guns can be picked up at the starting point.

Nineteen stores participate if I counted them correctly. Discord Designs is one of them and is putting up two of their hairs in Essential Colours and fatpacks, the Mackenzie* (above) and Stampede. Both hairs are available at the store in the standard colours.

Nuuna has some real fun new cosmetics out in their store which are possible to layer in the most fantastic combinations. I'm wearing a selection from the Zion 2Kati and Makeups v11.

Last, but by no mean least... I've discovered this brazilian jewellery store recently, FZaPP, which sells pretty wild and fun stuff with strong latin/african inspiration. The things I'm wearing here is a selection from the Faces Collection, all in woody/natural textures and forms that suggests rainforest. Each piece can be bought separately, as sets or as the whole collection (at a massive discount) for mixing and matching. 

That about wraps it up for this time. 

* Marks review copies. Thank you Vextra and Kalli <333 Love your stuff I do!!!

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