Saturday, June 9, 2012

The Little Things in Life

Hi, it is I, the little purple guy again.

I've got a new job... I'm the Man in the Moon. It's an easy job, just BE the moon, man.


The quirks are good as well... like the housing, which is simply stunning! Like a carpenter's retirement dream on the outside...


... and with a suitably gentlemanly comfort inside. Two rooms and a roaring fire for chilly nights. Yea, the nights can be a bit chilly this high but the views are unbeatable.


If it get's lonely? Nah, never! You know what they say about moths and lights. Well, some are more like butterflies to be honest, those tropical ones.


The life here is never dull nor lonely and the company's always quite delightful. 

Now, would you please excuse us? *Takes off his glasses and and putting them aside, blows out the candles* 

All soppy story telling apart... The scale of this petite stuff has that irresistible pull of FL miniatures with their delicate construction, with the added charm you can be the doll that inhabits this mini world of magic. Quite enough to pull you in and the stories out. Shhhhh... I didn't say anything about the QUALITY of the stories :P

There's no question about the quality of the things above, however. Beside the male outfit everything comes from The Looking Glass. The details are amazing. The details are impressive enough on their 'regular scaled' things, but pull that down to petite size and you go all 'ooh!' and 'aah!' I mean, just look at the clarity and details of the embroidery on that dress! Or the attention to details in the house... the fire in the fire place even crackles. With some of these things it might 'just' be a matter of resizing prims, but other would require good jewellery making skills to pull off.

The 'stuff'', the 'petite' in all the names excluded:

House: Moon House, The Looking Glass NEW!

Furniture: Moon House Furniture PackThe Looking Glass NEW! Includes two comfy armchairs with sit menu, bed with single and couple poses, chandelier with candles on/off and, last but not least, a mirror. 

Avatar: RoyaleFallen Gods Inc.
Hair: Shiki, Wasabi Pills
Outfit: DynastyThe Looking Glass NEW!

Avatar: Chrystal, Fallen gods Inc.
Hair: OrionWasabi Pills
Outfit: Gothic Penance, Avatar Bizarre

Feel the lure of the petite? Remember the wisdoms, 'small is beautiful' and 'less is more'. 

Until next time, take care and have fun.

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