Friday, July 2, 2010

Ear Candy, 3/4 Jul 60L sale

Take your pick of two beautiful jewelry sets from Ear Candy for only 60L each. We know diamonds are a girl's best friend, but flowers certainly come in a close second. Pretty flowers just make you smile and feel good inside. And you will have everyone smiling with delight when they see you in one of these rose sets, not to mention the smile they will put on your own face. Each set comes with a necklace, earrings, and two bangles.

The necklaces are made up of 6 large, beautifully displayed roses with each one having it's own lovely pearl in the center. The chains are large curved loops, large enough to compliment the roses so the whole thing doesn't look like it's just going to fall off your neck. The earrings are long and dainty, made up of many rose petals with the pearls just at the end. You have two styles of bangles, one for each wrist. One is a solid metal, open at one end to slip over your wrist with a large rose in the center. The other is made up of several strips of metal attached with spaces in between and clasping at the back, it also has several pearls attached for added glamor.

You can get the Lapis Stone Rose Set with silver metal, or the Opal Stone Rose Set with gold metal. Both are lovely and can be worn just for fun or to dress up any outfit. But at these prices, I personally think you should just get both sets!

See how they dress up this basic tank and jean set I'm wearing? Use them to accentuate colors of your outfit, or as the added splash of color every ensemble needs.

How can you pass them up? See you at Ear Candy.

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