Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Boom Infinity

If you have not had a chance to get down to BOOM and check out the bikini shop, what are you waiting for? Well here is your official invite. The new infinity line of bikini's will ensure that you have just the right suit in the right fit for you. As the name implies there are infinite possibilities with 360 pieces to mix and match to make the perfect suit for you. Sold separately or in full packs that include a neat surfboard. The tops and bottoms come in several cuts and all layers so can be what you need it to be. Also for when you are done swimming or need a little extra coverage she has these smoking hot Summer Sarongs, available in sheer and reg so whatever your preference she's got you covered. In the top picture Cindy and I both have on *BOOM* Infinity Bikini in floral design, mine in orange and hers in green. I also have on the Summer Sarong in transparent yellow. Below you can see me sporting *BOOM* Infinity Thick Stripes-Pastels bikini and to add a little extra sparkle I got this neat Butterfly-Straz Tattoo from Iren. I will also be doing companion post on SlexyFashionista, to show one more look check it out. Be sure to get down to BOOM and get your infinity on!!! See you on the beach Mxx

Hair: D!va
Bangles : Caroline's jewelry
Skin: Tuli

Hair- Truth
Skin- Belleza

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