Thursday, July 8, 2010

Poses Part 1

I use heaps of poses.. and I neglect to credit... Bad, bad Catherine !!!!

Sooo.. I'm going to go thru my inventory and tell you exactly what I have and use !! This is in no particular order...

Glitterati (btw, sale going on) - love the into the black pose prop
Doll ! (subscribe and keep up to date with her Thristy Thursday items... gift poses sent out at times) - giggles.. as I'm writing this.. one was sent out .....yay !
Diesel Works (250L join fee for group gives you a discount - profile pic reward at times)
Vivaposes (great pose props... group gifts)
Theory : Store will be closing soon.. :( she is planning a sale, touch the subscribo and stay informed.

I'm just reposting this image.. cause I like it :P

plastic + diva

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