Saturday, July 31, 2010

Gasqhe Couture + Glam Affair + D!va

If you don't run down to get this right now.... you are so missing out !! This is a limited edition dress that will only be out for today only !! Let me repeat that.. Today only !!

Price : 40L @
Gasqhe Saturday night Fevah event

I'm simply amazed that you get two versions of the skirt.. the beautiful flower detail and texture is just so light and airy. Devine, simply devine. The skin I am wearing is from Glam at
the Dressing room 70L and has such a porcelain look to it that it just fits so well with this dress. The hair is the new 5000 members gift from D!va.

Gasqhe Couture

But I'm not done... all the items on the next image are free from Gasqhe... A huge thank you to my dear friend Xanthe for bringing me to Gasqhe.

gasqhe Couture

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