Friday, July 9, 2010

Creative Insanity + Ancient Tree Kimono

It's tuff to blog about Ao's and really show you all they can accomplish. It's such an essential part of our lives in sl.

I blogged about my interest in all things japaneese a while back. I was finding it difficult to find a complete AO for Geisha/Kimono wear.. but Creative Insanity has a great one !! It includes several huds and accesories (Fan and Parasol in three different colors each) I'm in love with one of the walks (hands behind the back and would use it even if I wasn't wearing a Kimono!) Oh, and one of the sits is just soooo me !

ancient tree 4

For 400L you can not go wrong !! This has brought my Kimono wearing to the next level. No poses were used to do the pics.. the are all from the AO. Drop by Creative Insanity and give the AO a test drive. You'll probably want to check out their other cool AO's as well.

ancient tree 2

Kimono I'm wearing is from Ancient Tree Kimono and is on sale for 250L (for one week only) Normal price is 500L. When I wear a Kimono I use a modified shape.. otherwise they just don't look right.

The Tomesode is a very formal Kimono and always black in color with a white crest on the chest and on the back. The pattern on the bottom of the skirt and sleeves may change but it is the only place where there will be decoration on the Kimono.

ancient tree 3

Here is an image of the sit in normal clothing...

sit 1

Jeans : 100L from Twisted and Spoiled (great lucky chairs)
Top : new group gift from Prelude (150L join fee)
Geisha Skin : Sweetaholic 0L
Hair : Fascino 50L sale (ya, I sorta went nuts there)
Skin : Mynerva (new release) - don't forget their hunt skin @ 0L and hit the subscribo.

ancient tree 1

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