Monday, July 19, 2010

BoomBoom POW!!! - #44 Crazy Arse Hair Hunt 2

Where are my DONUTS??

I'm having a difficult Monday, after eating a lot of chocolate, I've lost my donuts, can't think where I put them! And my Mum always told me not to wear a white dress while binging! The hair #44 of the CAHH2 (Crazy Arse Hair Hunt 2) is at BoomBoom POW!!!

Cupcakes (group gift - L$100 to join, well worth it)
Dress: Daisy Dress @
Hanamachi (Song Lyrics Hunt)
Chocolates gloves:
Triad (was free but not in shop anymore, however the very kind designer just gives them if you ask her nicely:-)

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Riko said...

Thank you for blogging! :D Glad you liked the dress :)