Tuesday, August 23, 2011

With my soul on my nose

This was so not suppose to happen... There's this The Men' s 24 event this week where 24 designers of male stuff has got together for one week has new releases, special limited editions and... You know the drill. I was trying to ignore it but, of course, one has to go. It's like this inner burning sensation that compels one, isn't it? Well, I did go and there's a lot of nice stuff there... *Looks slightly forlornly up at hir linden balance*

There's also that inner compulsion, like an addiction, to always go for any freebies. This event won't give  you any withdrawal symptoms.


To begin with, there's a whole bunch of freebies in the MENStuff booth in the middle of the event. I found these black jeans by Vero Modero and the Smile Now Cry Later tattoo from v3 Tattoo among those. The cropped sweater with prim collar and cuffs comes from Hawker's House while the puny little silver/black butterfly on my nose is a gift from A:S:S.


Faster Pussycat has some fun freebies for both genders. These ones are for the boys... the pants I mean... the floozy leopard print top is for the girls. The opposite combination creates a pure Rocky Horror. A glam rock leather vest together with glitter hot pants and fishnet tights... On me that's with emphasis on 'horror' so I leave that special delight for you to discover. 


Peer gives away these torn jeans with their delicately textured purple patches that comes in both pant and underwear layer and with prim cuffs so you can wear them anyway you like. I like to wear them like this together with one of the four different tanks that FA Creations has out for everyone to grab. The tattoo still is the Smile Now Cry Later, showing the sleeve part.

The two hairs here are both purchases at the event, the generous and aptly named Y-50 from Zeus (not limited edition) and the sleek Masaru (limited) by Taketomi. Makeup and boots are old stuff from A:S:S.

There you have it, folks. One doesn't have a deep pocket to dress at the Men's 24 event and it's still good fun to enjoy perusing the works of this many creatives gathered together in a single place.


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