Friday, August 5, 2011

Sharp Contrasts

There's another discount store up and running, My Second Wardrobe, currently up to it's second round if I got it right. You might already know about this, but carrying a Y-chromosome,  it's news to me. These things tends to sink below the event horizon since there's rarely suitable male stuff on offer. MSW has five creators catering for men involved and that warmed me to the place immediately. The stuff I bought was all between 60 and 80L.

Sharp Contrasts 1

Ok, ok, ok... flowery pants might not be particularly manly, but just think scandinavian post post modern and they become haute couture. *winks* The loose pants are a fem contribution from GATO and goes very well with the male blue Slub Hood from CheerNo. A:S:S provided the unisex Narayan Necklace and from Angel, the Joseph hair in four different colours. I like this stuff, obviously, but I must give CheerNo a minus tick for sloppy neckline... but on the other hand the very thin knit texture gets a big plus so it all evens out.

The red cords around neck and wrists is old stuff from Illusions. Copy, colour change script and a neat little delete script button have made the set a basic in my inventory... as brilliant to wear for simplicity as to add for complexity. Red knit slip-ons from the fem Cool Beans, which is 'between' stores at the moment, but I'm a loyal group member just because of the group tag 'Beanie Weenie'.

Sharp Contrasts 2

The smouldering come-hither grey door look... The sturdier knit of the shoulder less cropped sweater was a fem group gift from ISON and it gets the thumbs up for the lack of too gender defining chest shadows. The gift seems to be gone, but this colour 'sand' is now a bonus in the fat pack (149L) including three other colours (75L individually). It adds to the inter-gender tension created by the Florentine high heels pants from LeeZu (available in a number of colours). The hair is CheerNo's Paul, a purchase at the hair fair, but it is now available in their main store. I prefer to wear the lightest blond shade with a dark hair base to create the look of a bleached mop of soft curls.

The beautifully built and, according to my mediterranean love perfectly authentic, greek village is the Island of Armenelos. Don't forget your sunglasses... the glare from the white walls is blinding. You better not forget your love, either.. she/he/it will be grumpy missing out on this one.

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