Thursday, August 25, 2011

Subtleties of opposites

Hiya again... seems like yesterday since the last entry. It's amazing how much time you suddenly get on your hand when your SL partner can't log on... seems to turn me into a shopaholic to be honest :( Not that she's that far away... *Looks softly towards the door behind which she still sleeps in FL.*

Anyway, have been moving around quite a lot lately and have had fun discovering some, for me, new creators as well as catching up with some more familiar ones.

Among the new is Osakki who has a stylish clean cut line that immediately pulled me in. That clean line borders to simplicity in some cases, with lack of shading and so on... but I found some ab fab stuff. That there was a 50% sale on didn't work against them either.


Like these Taboo Leggings - SquareRoots... Mathematical precision and the use of alpha creating some very bold pattern. The right angles are repeated in the Chainlink Grid Necklace in yellow and white metal. 

The male corset, Restrained, is a new release from A:S:S booth at Men's 24. I bought the plain black leather one, but there's a wide range of decorations using lace, patterns and colour inclusions... I can feel a fat pack purchase coming on... *Groans at the thought of the already overstretched inventory*

The just right Backless Ankle Boots from the massive sale at COCO completed the impact. I've added a black prim bulge... you can't see it but you would have noticed if I hadn't. Makes sense? 


The Pinacle leggings comes from the same batch as the ones above. The circular movement in the pattern FINALLY gave me an opportunity to don some of the really fancy stuff from Finesmith (observe they've just moved, new LM). The flowing lines of the fantastic Barbie necklace and shoulder piece picks up the rhythm of the pants in an excellent way and the Rand nipple shields fits right in there. I feel like shouting 'See? No hands!' The Barbie set, which also includes a bracelet and a ring, is HUD controlled so gems and metal parts can be changed. Each piece can be bought separately or in the whole set.

The Suede Cutout Boots is another purchase from COCO while the nifty little gloves are part of the Osakki Assassin outfit. I should check if they sell them loose in other colours, they are just plain cool.

The male eye makeup, Silver Spry, comes from Tableau Vivant. It's created for their own skin and comes with these heavy eyebrows that completely changes my face. It's beautifully shaded and shaped, however, and I like the more stern look for these outfits. A bit of dark on the lips comes from M.O.C.K. Finally, the hair which is the Josef hair from Angel, which I got from My Second Wardrobe and have blogged before

That's about covers it...  A lot of words but then it's not too often you get to pull out all the stops fashion wise like this. There's so much truly amazing stuff out there that can be had for less than a FL cup of coffee that just screams for an opportunity to be worn. Yea... must do more of this kind of stuff. To be perfectly honest, I've found the most amazing store and got the next entry more or less laid out. Be prepared for something radically different!

Until then... have fun! 

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