Friday, August 19, 2011

Don't you step on my green prim shoes

Hiya again. In my last blog entry I expressed my fascination with these green green shoes I found in the Female Fantasy outfit in the SL library.


In fact, I couldn't stop thinking about them until I'd put together something contemporary around them. Did I have fun or did I have fun? Judge for yourself.


The tartan pants from deviant girls and the olive cropped leather jacket from R.icielli just fell into place, colour as well as texture wise. I also had a good laugh resolving my passionate hatred for.... what are they called... pasties... or is that the name of the little pies? The whole hypocritical morals behind them gets me uptight but since my intergender chest apparently is too much for the G-rating I can't just ignore their existence. The pure triumph when I found a compromise in these handypanties from Pig! At least they show some humour... I refrain from the pun on the 'human touch'. They come in a packet of six different colours, both natural and not as and include matching replacements for fig leaves for the REALLY unspeakable body parts. *Blushes deeply... not*


For accessories I picked up on the round gold studs in the jacket and settled for the Suvarna kundan nose ring and necklace by Zaara. 55L Friday and the Nola bracelet from Finesmith came just in time to solve the problem with something-missing-around-the-wrist. It's like a solid spot of colour from the distance which breaks up in fine detail up close. The free-floating little pearls fits in neatly with the indian pearl work while providing a nice bridge between a traditional and modern western culture... and of course with the marvel of the virtual culture where pearls CAN float unattached. I've just realised that in SL it's Friday today so there's still time to catch them. Finesmith is also in the very last three days of their 50% move sale, so now it's the time to visit if you even have eyed any of the stuff but never got around to buy it.

Hair is Miggs from Anaphora and the soft dark mask over the eyes is from the Drama pack by A:S:S.

There you have it folks. The sim is of course another one of AM Radio's - Superdyne. I'm finding all the excuses I can to visit his installations on the IDIA Laboratories sim before they close. LMs to all his builds can be found in his profile picks.

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