Wednesday, August 17, 2011

A stroll through the library

There's been a bit of blogging around the new stuff that has turned up in the inventory Library. I had forgotten there's clothes in there. My clothes link with the Library is a lingering pair of socks me thinks... beside the vintage penguin top of course, anyone remember that one?

It suddenly seemed a bit weird to run around the grid looking for clothes when there's an unexplored stash in that ginormous handbag we always carry with us. There's also an innocent romanticism in poking around in the memories of your noob days. It's like rediscovering your roots.

So with a true sense of adventure, I dived into the folder with 'Initial Outfits' with my standard challenge: put together three completely different outfits by mixing and matching what's available.


Even if Linden's idea of a party is coffee after church, the solid craftsmanship of the outfits was enough to pull me in completely. The look of the HUMAN avatars might not have improved much but their outfits most certainly have.

The first outfit was a complete failure from the mix and match point of view. I fell so totally in love with the Male Bollywood I had to use it in its entirety. The heavily embroidered waistcoat over the silk tunic and the cool slim impeccable pants that falls gracefully over the soft hand stitched dress shoes. Can you hear me salivate? The bangles and the earring from the fem equivalent provided the cherries on top.

Walk Through The Library 2

If the first outfit suggest riches, the second does quite the opposite. The prim coat from the Male Cosplayer need some serious surgery beside removing the humungous sword to fit me perfectly, but what can be more scruffy than an ill-fitting coat? Male Action provided the green tank, dog tags and the hinted dagger on my thigh while the jeans that's tucked into the Male Cosplayer boots are generously provided by the Male Future Punk.

Female City provided the jeans for the last outfit while the tank and shirt comes via the Male Designer. The scarf from Female Designer is actually blue and the black Female Average shoes brown but everything is full perm so no need to compromise.

It's quite obvious that the stuff isn't hot enough to leave burn marks but, as I mentioned in the beginning, it does deserve respect. You can see reason below.

Walk Through The Library 3

There is a peculiar neat finish to most things as can be seen in the hems in the pants above. The sculpties used for the footwear gives an almost rubber/plastic like impression that makes them look like boiled sweets with their well worked textures. The joining of several of the pant cuffs to the boot or shoe have made it possible to use tailor fitted cuffs that blend with very impressive results. Top left is Male Sport, top right Male Cosplayer. Of course, with everything being full perm, nothing stops you from tinkering.

The same finish to some of the shoes looks just great. The only word I feel happy using with the Female Bollywood, bottom right, is 'dainty'... everything about it is just that, dainty. Shape, texture, quality of the build, simply dainty. The shoe for Female Fantasy, bottom left, is a quite something in it's own right. I can't stop looking at it. I think it has some contemporary potential as well, not just good for hiding under the rich elven dress.

So there you go, folks. The good old wholemeal kind of decency that Linden wishes for SL as expressed in the library. Several rp outfits, which I have ignored, and some specific texture baking that render some stuff inflexible... but I think there's something there for everyone to pull out and have fun with.

I hope I haven't put you off from doing some exploring on your own XD

The slightly hirate hair is DICO, a new release from CheerNo and the poses are all from Posies.

Have fun... always!

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