Thursday, August 11, 2011

Summer Night Blues

I did a slight mistake a few days ago, me thinks, uttering the word 'scandinavian'. I got all nostalgic and had to relive a swedish summer night. Night time might not be the best time to show clothes, the light tends not to be at it's best, short and sweet as they are... the nights, I mean...


The thing is... it doesn't ever get really dark. While the sun does an almost symbolic dip below horizon, if at all, enough light lingers to show off these new Psicodelic Capris from TuttiFrutti, one of five different in the set. There are matching tops as well, but I prefer this off the shoulder shirt from mr.poet. Far from new but always fresh and cool in that little-boy-lost kind of way. Four different colours available, each with a matching, very well textured tank.

The purple knit slip-ons is another pair from the fat pack from Cool Beans. I discovered I was mistaken the last time I mentioned them, claiming the store was between locations. There's apparently more than one cool bean in SL and I was tracking the wrong one. Even if THIS Cool Bean has just closed her main store, her second is still open for business. Sorry about that.


After a good night out in the wild, it's nice to kick off your prim feet and give your system toes a wiggle while enjoying a sun rise over the Baltic. Here's a complete freebie outfit for the interested. Since I don't really do hunts, the jeans was a very lucky dip in the MHOH from the DragonLady's Closet indeed. Dark, sturdy and leaning towards the violet in colour, they are a keeper for me. 

The Hakka Printed Cloth Coat is a long standing gift at mr.poet. It sort of stands out and I like the asian pink floral. It's a classic in my inventory and I'm pleased to push it a little. 

I blogged the feet from COCO a few days ago, which are the latest group gift. Mmmm... what have I missed? Oh, yes... the little white silk evening scarf for 'gentlemen' I picked up in passing in the high society section at SF Design and which adds some fab classy contrast. 


Back to civilisation again... and just in time for another round at the smörgåsbord. Trust a swedish place to find the perfect meatball texture...

The sim is the Second House of Sweden which is sort of a cultural embassy inworld and neighbour to the swedish orientation sim. Seems to be in decline by neglect and bad management unfortunately, but can still offer a few good moments.

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