Sunday, August 7, 2011

Sweet Dreams

Since I came in contact with ALB Dream Fashion no more than a month ago, I've fallen completely for this blazing label... which some might have noticed. The colour and extravagance is truly uplifting and it's a pleasure to choose from among the range of goodies.

A few weeks ago, the creator and owner AnaLee Balut announced a photo competition among her group members, asking for mix and match outfits from among her stuff. I couldn't resist and entered. A show with party was held today to show the list of winning entries and I'm proud to tell you that your's truly was among those invited to fight the lag down the catwalk. That my timezone almost saw me oversleeping so I missed the preparations and only got through the thing thanks to a kind and helpful model is another thing entirely. It was really good fun and the after party sparkled. Thank you AnaLee for this experience!

Sweet Dreams

The winning combinations have been put together and are for sale at the main landing spot for between 100 and 300L, depending on content. There are outfits suitable for 2+ genders. *Grins*

Needless to say, my entry consisted of from both the male and fem sections and a mix of group gifts and purchases. I won't put down all the details, the list would be just too long for this little posting. I'm sure you'll be heading there anyway if you like colours. 

While you're there, consider joining the group. The joining is free until the 25th this month and there are gifts out for both men and women... us in between will have to make do with both. *Grins even wider 'Poor us, eh?'*

Have fun!

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