Sunday, August 14, 2011

Out In The Cold

Fur in SL is an interesting topic... no animals can get  hurt or killed so if we wear it or not are decided by other factors such as difficulties of rendering it well, if we like the look, textural suggestions or if it's morally right even to like fur. That's about how deeply I'm going to go into the subject here. SL provides an excellent platform to explore issues like this... and any others of whatever nature.


One thing is sure, though... 'real' fur is as much of a luxury inworld as in outworld. The cream Avana Fur Coat is by Nicky Ree. I was in hectic 'work mode' and didn't take time to visit the store but bought this on the market place where it sells for 680L. It's pure indulgence with a ARC of almost 10 300. The flow and softness is so tangible you feel it in FL and more than enough compensates for the inevitable transparency issues. Hummm, I wonder how the coat would look like if the texture was replaced with a plant texture... it's copy/mod... hmmm...

Anyway, I like the look together with the black rocker leather pants from A:S:S that always makes me smile with their prim bulge. The extremely well made and prim wise leather shoes from 2g are a real find at 200L. Needless to say, there's a colour choice with all of these.

The long hair with its dark roots is a subscriber gift from Lamb which can be found in history once you've joined. Make up comes from M.O.C.K, which is a generous store with low prices, several lucky boards, gifts and always seems to have more than one hunt. The quality of the inevitable resulting heap of cheap or free goodies were good enough to return when looking for something specific.


Need to have some happy pants... These pants from NoaR are what that decided the furry theme for this posting, I just had to try them on. The result made me very happy when combined with this new release tank from RONSEM. Copy and colour change script in the studded belt, also RONSEM, makes a colour splash around the middle a doddle to match with my Doc's from Gos.

These boots are an investment. After purchasing your choice of basic colour, 595L, others can be added for only 200L a piece. The scripting load is guaranteed and demonstrable low lag making them part of the next generation of SL foot wear for sure. At the time I'm writing this, 25 different polishes are available, including a 'Finally Old'. Some quick maths tells me that if you buy them all, each boot will come down to 215L. That's not bad *nods nods*

Hair is a purchase, Tahani, from CaTwA. Quite something in my eyes. Comes with a shoulder attachment for a choice of length.


For those of you that recognise and admire the work of AM Radio and for those of you that don't, I want to remind you that his installations on the IDIA sim will close before long. Make sure you visit and saturate yourself before that dreadful day. Be click happy as well. I've just realised that there are a few gifts around like this prim perfect vintage runaround that is distributed via the copy on board The Ferry. Not fashion, but definitely style. LMs to all Radio's builds can be found in his profile picks.

At last but not least, a real gem of a find of another nature before I depart. Take care, all.

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