Sunday, September 25, 2011

Colour Me Brightly

Hiya again... another post and another old friend... or maybe not very VERY old...  I stumbled across this little store while out walking (true) some weeks ago... but I do keep going back. I simply love the stuff!


Miss Shippe's Studio is all about face paint in one form or another... and fun, FUN such. No subtle makeups but real dramatic colour for bold statements. Orderly or disorderly, her palette runs off the vendors in colourful streams. Her inspiration comes from absolutely everywhere and anywhere, ranging form hindu holy men (above) to the spirit of her friends. 

There's stuff for everyone and for every wallet. Cheapies, the odd freebie, gathcha and a subscribo gift can be found beside the full priced stuff that's still pretty cheap, 50-100L is standard. They're all impressively well made. 

There's not much more to say. I'll just show you a few of my purchases and let you make your own mind up. Just keep one word in mind - 'marvellous'.


Some spontaneous fingerpaint and a traditional fem maori moko.


Some sparkling eye colour  from the gathcha and cyborgian insets, whole body tattoo available in three different colours (matching eyes included).


The rather striking facial hair of the fabulous Frida Kahlo... and a simple flustered mud look (full body) after... whatever... ^^

The other stuff:

Skin: My standard custom from Pink Fuel, not generally available.
Hair: Y-50 from Zeus on a standard hair base from BooN.
Eyes: Cabochon Eyes II from FTL. My standard, I suppose.

There you have it! I recommend you don't take my word for it but check this store out for yourself. You'll see I've left out the whole body freckles, the moles and and too many other things. Most of all, you'll have fun!

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