Thursday, September 1, 2011

Eerily fearily

The Twisted Hunt has begun.... as have a whole pile of other hunts. I got wind of a hair piece/hair that grabbed me and cheated, going straight to that store. Wow...  Gilded has no less than three hunt gifts out!

Eerily fearily

The Unseelie 'hair' is better than I dared to hope for with it's rigid, curling spikes in grey scale. Add the matching version of their faun legs AND the pose above that make up the other two hunt gifts and you get a eery composition. Go further and add those obscure upper body/head net/webs from deviant girls you bought but wasn't really sure what to do with and other bits and pieces from your private horror cabinet will automatically pile on until that 'just right' feeling arises.

If you like your faun av, Gilded has a set of 10 poses for their Pan/faun for only 75L with pose versions for both short and tall avatars.

Hunt starting point is here if you feel like doing the whole thing. It will be on for the whole of September so there's plenty of time to get completely lost and with 207 stores participating...  well... There's no online hint list, either, so it's all group chat or be doooooomed... muahahahaha..... If you happen to see me on the way, show some mercy throw me something to eat, because I WILL be a lost soul if I decide to do the thing.

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