Sunday, September 4, 2011

Small quiet everyday wonders

I'm feeling slightly thoughtful today for various reasons and I'll use that uneventful mood to highlight a maker who's creating some impressive stuff. Stuff that doesn't scream or shout but just quietly is.

Small wonders

Hmmm.... can anyone guess? Nope, it's not the new release hair from Lamb, Frosti, even if it is a small wonder with it's fab dark roots. The sofa is anything but quiet, so it can't be that. 

I agree, this is SILLY, but I've wanted to blog these things for such a long time I simply don't have a clue what to write ^^

Small wonders 2

Let's just be factual. It's the work of Pique Flan who owns 2g I want to show and tell. It must be one of the smallest ranges of any shop... two models of horn-rimmed glasses, like the partly clear-framed ones above, and two of shoes, even if the latter has a few colour options to cover up the walls a little. But with quality, even small quantities go a long way...

Small wonders 3

The glasses are very well made, but it's his shoes that has seduced me, for more than one reason. The Soubresaut to the left, especially, has become my standard for the casually elegant. Comes in three different colours, white, brown and black. The white Couru with it's choice of differently coloured details does are finding themselves on my feet with increasing frequency.

Why are these shoes so special? Beside the simply fantastic looks, I mean. Well, first there's the price, only 200L a pair.  Secondly, something very important in these lag conscious days, they are low prim, 10 and 12 prims per shoe respectively! They are also old-fashionably mod instead of scripted, so there's no potential problem with script load either. 

Since each attached prim adds a count of 10 to the ARC, these shoes are a 'must' if you want to be prim slim in style. That's mainly directed to guy-ish peeps. The Soubresant adds 285 and the Couru 350 to ARC (I'm on Linden v2). Compare that to the 60 prims each and the ARC of 1942 of my favourite chuckers... In fact, I've only found one pair of shoes in my inventory that beats that... even my bare feet are heavier o.0 

(The Frosti hair, btw, has an ARC of 893... which is pretty good as hair goes.)

The colour changing sofa and the other bits and pieces in the back ground are part of the new scheme by Lindens, they have started with monthly gifts to premium members. I've covered that elsewhere, which means here

That's it folks... good-looking, well made stuff that deserves a place in the lime light and a few numbers thrown in for good measure!

Until next time, take care and have fun!

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