Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Re-visiting Old Friends

I haven't been blogging for very long and I readily admit I get a bit overwhelmed by the avalanche of new stuff that washes over you if you dare open the hatch. It's fantastic how much is created and fantastic how fantastically fantastic it looks!

But... at the same time... in this cascade of new stuff a lot of wonderful 'old' stuff gets left behind. Which one of us haven't re-discovered a once cherished item or treasure or something we find beautiful and valuable but maybe never have found the opportunity to wear? Or, maybe even found the LM to the store where we got it just to discover, with regret, it's long since gone after slipping into the collective amnesia? Too many generous, clever or fun creators and stores slips our minds with our passion for newsomeness, which is sad.

I've got some creative projects of my own in both FL and SL going on atm which is demanding a big share of my time and energy. Why not use my compulsive vanity in the meantime, thought I, to show some stuff that deserves a second look... even a first look... actually... in some cases... *shrugs sheepishly* Who knows, it just might be a timely reminder or even news to someone else.


My first choice is a creator which is as generous as you can be. She offers all her stock for free and has done so for a long time. She's maintaining a full sim and the creation of new products at her own expense and put up her stuff out for nought. How marvellous is that? It's of course Rachel Boram and her store In Her Shoes I'm talking about.

Some of her stuff has a treasured place among mine. Like these ground stompers. Realistic coarse threads that looks just right without being tractor tyres. Comes in two parts, feet and lower leg, so the foot part can be used be used under cuffs... real neat.


There's shoes and boots in a colourful offering of colours and textures and shapes for both genders. A lot is of a higher quality than I've seen for sale for ready cash elsewhere. The perfect place to send a new resident or check out for yourself at regular intervals.

My personal favourites is the range of colourful sneakers. I've got close to 20 pairs with textures varying from the wild and wonderful to more earthbound tones. They are mod, so sizing or any other changes are easily done and my first port of call when some colour is needed for really relaxed footwear.

All these goodies are free off the wall for you 24/7 with only a humble request for a voluntary contribution if you feel so inclined. 

The other stuff in the outfit:

Rave hair by MADesign.
Loose high necked sweater with gloves isn't on sale anymore, but still available at Gabriel and which I have blogged before.
Utility kilt comes from the Tartan Shop, but is so heavily modified it wear little resemblance to the original :P

There you go! Someone worthy of our continued support... may Rachel Boram always receive what she needs to keep going!

If you find kilts funny, have a look at this and then tell me skirts aren't manly *winks*:

Take care and have fun!

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