Sunday, September 4, 2011


Mermaids are real. I would suggest a bit of seashell and some sea water. With a dedicated heart, mermaidness should come upon you shortly. If it doesn't, here is a spell, it worked for me and as you can see, I'm a mermaid.

Go into a bath wearing your favorite necklace. Near the end of the bath, hold on tight to your necklace and say this spell three times slowly "Mermaid magic come to me. I would like a tail not two feet. Beauty be upon me. Fish all kinds let me see. When I'm finished in the sea. When I'm dry my feet return to me".

Then dry off and the next time you touch water you'll be a mermaid. Try not to get wet for two weeks after saying the spell, and for two weeks after the spell never take the necklace off.

Side affects include trying to hold legs together, itchy legs, and scales.


* Mermaid outfit @ Deviance *thanks Surreal*
* Jadis light skin @ Glam Affair *thanks M4ri1yn*

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