Sunday, September 4, 2011

A rainy day... Not!

A Rainy Day 4

Nope, I'm not depressed, but  have allowed myself to be pulled into the subtle moods that the home sim of  NODe+, evokes. I went there to check out a store I'm keeping my eyes on. The store was gone (again!) so I explored the intriguing looking sim instead.

It's a commercial sim, but very beautifully done. Think late spring in the northern northern hemisphere, too much water around and the foliage is still freshly green and lace-like against a bright blue sky... unless in rains which it sometimes actually does. NODe+ creates weather you see... beside houses and strange little objects. 

Not only rain that falls but little splashes as the drops hits the ground and rings that spreads over the water's surface. It's like poetry, an even greater magic is created by the realisation that this rain is clever scripts and textures and not water. Their umbrellas are worth checking out... I might have an oogle at them later.

I walked around for ages, exploring the stores, watching the water splash across the road and some butterflies playing in the sun. Just drifted in other words. A quick change of plans and a 'Wild and Wooly' became 'A Rainy Day'.

A Rainy Day

Gabriel is having a sale and I picked up a couple of yummy jumpers, very much a reaction to the cool spell we've had in FL. This white off-the shoulder one is matched with my pair of Bone & Soul dual colour jeans from LikeA.

The mismatching male print slip-ons are from Hoorenbeek. You can change both texture on the top and colours of the different parts, have both shoes matching or have them gloriously different. Really good fun... doh... I kept them both B/W for this shot o.0 All yours for 520L, not bad considering the umteen possible colour variations. As usual with their stuff... immaculate workmanship.

A Rainy Day 2

The cropped soft looking sweater with gloves was my second purchase at Gabriel. It looks soft and cosy, just the thing you could fall asleep in... as I did. 

The plum pants are from ALB Dreamfashion's male group gift for September. It's part of a large set including prim feet and flip-flops, top and coat. 

The chuckers, Vader's, are by Jeepers Shoes, one in a set of four 'natural' pure colours and without any white details or contrasts. 250L a pair or all four for 500L... what a choice!

A Rainy Day 3

Sugar and spice and puppy tails and all that! There you have it, I'm wearing a skirt. 

On my exploration, I picked up a couple of freebies that has been combined with other free stuff into a freebie outfit for the interested.  Both the dark brown skirt with net and the thick logo top are group gifts from Couverture while the heavily knit socks are freebies from Oyakin. The socks are VERY heavily modded. The idea is to wear them as tights or leggings (there's two versions of pants cuff included), which I'm obviously not. 

After tilting the skirt a little (it's actually very nice, in fact, the top is as well), the brown group gift boots from Gabriel (very nice finish, but somewhat odd proportions.) looked just right to bring the balance towards the male a little. The fabulous free colour change scarf comes from mr.poet.

Skirt for men seems to finally be on the brink of breaking the taboo line. How come that women can wear trousers but men refuses to wear skirts? Misogyny or are women simply braver to break the gender line? Come on guys...! *winks*

A Rainy Day 5

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