Friday, September 16, 2011

Skirts for guys at Modavia

The designer presentations at Modavia Fashion Week are over and the participating designers have revealed their new collections in front of an admiring audience... in fact, the admiring audience was half the fun.

Not until the designer flaunted their flair on the catwalk were their vendors disclosed and it has been exciting to see the shopping area slowly 'blossom' during the week. I'm sure I wasn't the only one anticipating the daily visit.

Of course, a majority have gifts to offer so there's really sweet quality stuff to collect with the MFW group tag over your head. Ehmm.... wow, I'm standing there now and I see that new stuff has come up since yesterday ^^

Anyway, I was exited when I thought I saw one outfit that seem to include a skirt for guys. To my disappointment, it proved just to be the fem alternative. I was so disappointed in fact that I decided to put a few male outfits together with skirts from the show just because.


A skirt is nothing more than a piece of material strung around the hips in more or less fancy ways. Call them sarongs or kilts or whatever, they are all 'skirts' and a global and historical male garment. In the west, skirts for guys have been knocking on the fashion door for a comeback for years as avant garde, but they're not making it to the mainstream.

We're not talking huge, floofie florals here, we're talking short, plain, hug hipping stuff worn over loose pants as part of a layered outfit with robust boots on your feet. The net stockings and heels will come later. *Winks*

This quilted leather skirt is part of the VERY generous and worthwhile fem gift from Coeur Noir, Caged Heart. I had to hide it under the thick and bulky Hoodie from  Ronsem  to hide the cutting-into-the-av-bits to give it a 'male' shape (not from the show).

The fantastic Pro Boots with socks (or without if preferred as are male or female versions), is a subscribo gifts from Hoorenbeek. You need to be a member for two weeks before you can collect them but with quality like that, waiting is the least you can do.


This skirt and top are part of the fem outfit Angela by MEB with its scrumptious textures. I know it's grey, but there's grey and there's grey and this is grey, a rich silvery mouthwateringly grey which darkens towards the bottom. The top also lacks chest shading so there's no obvious gendering. When worn, it moves and behaves as a FL kilt, rich and heavy while still comfortable. I matched them with the pants from sYs male VYSION.

I found the funny finger face paint at Miss Shippe's Studio. This black glittery version is a freebie, if I remember correctly... which I didn't. It's 10L :P


The VYSION outfit by sYs was the only male outfit I could find that included a skirt and called it a skirt without cringing. I'm not man enough to wear the whole thing without collapsing under it's impact so I've limited myself to the skirt and pants and matched it with full body tattoo and boots from the sYs mainstore.

Jewellery is from Finesmith and fun hair from BooN.


The reason for my exclamation in the beginning... Vero Modero has unveiled their store and I saw this... a large knitted scarf arranged around the hips in no uncertain way. *Grins* Pants and the two scarves are part of the completely male Alto outfit, the see through tee is the gift from Sartoria.

All the poses are from Del May. The photo locations are, of course, Inis Caiseal and Empress and Hierophant.

There you go, skirts for guys... Take care and have fun and don't forget to visit Modavia for all the gifts!

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