Sunday, September 11, 2011

More Epic Newness

Hiya, I'm back with more stuff picked up during The Unknown Hunt: Epic Newness, the hunt designed to highlight new stores in SL. The starting point is at [Sleeping Koala]. With 34 stores involved it's a small hunt and quick to get through while showing support for new talent and get some real goodies on the way.

I should maybe include a little disclaimer. My choice of what I'm showing or not showing isn't any comments on the looks or quality of the hunt items, it just reflects my personal taste and the ease which I could combine them.


Goodies like this scarf from Nightplay as part of the gorean free woman outfit in their hunt item, for example. It's pretty something and provided the starting point for this outfit. 

The pink matched the dollarbie Pink Warrior Make-up from [Flit Ink] + [Aberrantand the CottonCandy Feather Earring, hunt item at Snitch. I've added a heavy eyeliner on top of the makeup. The mesh pants is a gift at Spirit. (Doesn't have anything to do with the hunt). They are apparently their first attempt at mesh (a mighty goodie one) and since the material suggests something quite thick, I quite look myself despite having to adopt the pant shape. 

Tintable maori tattoo is from my inventory, flip-flops and bare feet has been blogged before => X.


The rise of the hillbilly... which doesn't sound too bad a life to be honest. This stuff do provide a lot of colour and contrast, which I love, and therefor deserve a mention. All items from TUH:EN. 

The relative gender neutrality of the child Sunflower Skin (fatpack of 5 shades) from TattleTale suits me fine and provides nice contrast to the VERY dark emerald eyes from Body Couture (I've added eyeliner) .The Twisted Tattoo was found at The Attic and dungarees (open and closed top included) at [[ 721 ]]. The hair, finally, is Aurea (fatpack of 5 blond shades) from [George]


Out and about, checking how the fleeces for next year's tweed are coming on. 

No items in this one from the hunt itself, but most comes from participating stores. Like the Gina Earrings (which you can ALMOST see),which is a group gift at The Jewellery Exchange and the fabulous Loose Socks, an opening dollarbie offer at Klamotte

{L'amant} led me on a small detour to the discount store XY Room to buy their Pied de poule top featured above. I picked up the boots from the guest of the month, Azoury, there as well before continuing the hunt. {L'amant} has a vintage mesh dress as hunt item, btw. 

I'm a bit troubled by the bare belly, but... At least it can be used to show the dollarbie tattoo, Hug Life, from [Flit Ink] + [Aberrant].

Spirit seems to be destined to be my source of wild pants for some time... These beauties, the tweed Lubov shorts, can be found together with other low price goodies in their outlet.

And I'm aware of what day it is. Some of you will understand my choice of music and even if you don't... just enjoy. Take care and have fun *winks*

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