Friday, September 9, 2011

Epic Newness

The Unknown Hunt:Epic Newness is especially designed to turn the spotlight on new creators in SL. All the participating stores opened after 1st June this year so the hunt is a chance for them to shine and show off their freshness. It's on through September so there's plenty of time to show your support of new content creators taking the plunge. Unfortunately this post has been caught up in the asset server issues of SL so I can't create SLURLs to the stores. I'll change this as soon as I can. In the meantime, use the link to the web site above.

The hunt objects are 1L each. There's some real great stuff among the 36 (minus the odd removed ones) participating stores to it's well spent lindens. Beside clothes, body bits and other wearables, there's poses, furniture, sweets, houses and all sorts of wotnots. A lot of them are participating in other hunts or have promotions or lucky boards or whatever, so take your time and enjoy the ride.

This post is about the participating creators and I'm not limiting myself to the hunt. In fact, there's so much worthwhile, I'll divide it up into two posts (at least) just to make the stuff justice. 


There's a new talented skin creator in SL for sure, VoiD, which has made both skins featured in this post. Above, the beaut skin from the Twisted Hunt with its matching eyes.  I'm wearing the male version but there's a fem included as well. 

Sleeve tattoo included in TUH:EN item at 721 while the Hypnotic jewellery with the animated texture and themed chest tattoo is the TUH:EN item from Blah. There's a tongue piercing, too, which I'm not wearing.


I didn't have a clue I was so cute in beard!  All mentioned items are from TUH:EN. Skin and eyes again from Void, 'nerdy' specs from YouriGami, tee from Argyle Owl (love this one) and pink corderoys from iCandy.

Hmm... I better slap some sunscreen on before that indoor tint is ravished by the sun, so this is will be that for this time. Until next, support the new creators and go and enjoy this hunt, it's a double investment - awesomeness for your lindens and continuing newness for SL. 

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