Saturday, October 8, 2011

#1 Steampunk

I've got good news and bad news for you today. The good news are that I'm not making another post with me in a tutu at Burn2. The bad is that only one day remains before the gates close on the festival.

But life moves on and I've got a date with a date, a so called deadline. 

One year ago, Finesmith Jewellery had a large styling/modelling competition stretched over ten weeks. Each week an outfit had to be presented on a given theme using at least one of Finesmith's pieces. I found a nc about it a few of months ago and until I quite recently saw the date, I thought it was still on... so... and... yeah... ^^

I was intrigued by the themes. Several were art styles, simply yum yum. I don't care much for competitions so who cares I missed it by just under one year. You know what the say about blinking and you've missed it... I'll do the challenges on my own and present the result here each week instead.... muahahahahaha!

I'll try to do it with as few words as possible and prattle with my pics instead.

Steampunk 3

The theme for the first week, to be presented on 8 October, was 'Steampunk'. 

I love the look of Steampunk, the wrought iron and rust, Jules Vernesk imagination, steam and curious contraptions. However, I can't identify with it. For me it represents a triumph of the clockwork/ mechanical universe with no place for spirit/soul. A constrained world like the victorian where there were concerns for the dignity of children's sleeping positions. 

Steampunk 2

A world where the human mind rules and the rest can be replaced with machinery. My gut felt response to the steampunk challenge developed along the ideas of constraint/self control and contraptions.

Steampunk 1

I used the Finesmith - Collar inspired by Blackliquid as starting point together with LeeZu's Au Revoir de Sade Jacket (modded). Together they create a suitable flowerlike cradle for the seat of the prime cut of the human carcas, the brain. I kept the androgyne by combining gender associations of the various bits and pieces. 

I love this collar. One of Finesmith's pieces that goes new places. It comes with a resize and colour change menu with many many choices of metals and colours. I prefer it in platinum and I'm real happy that the other things naturally fell into each other colour wise. 

Will just list the other stuff:

Pants - Pin Men, Davinel 
Corset - free Orient Corset Dress, KWZ 
Hair - Free Hair, Black Maria 
Eye piece - Scanner eyepiece (slightly modded), Grim. Bros. 

The artificial leg and bustle are bits from the sweet avatar on the pic below, Ms. Art Deco, which is freely available on Alpha Point. The bustle was cobbled together using the prims of the chest. The leg required a custom alpha which was an interesting little project in its on right.

Steampunk 4

The shots are from the Forgotten City, a place that suddenly make perfect sense in my present outfit inspired mood. A beaut for a visit. May it get what support it needs for it's continued existence.

Until next time... as always - have fun!

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