Sunday, October 16, 2011

Pearls of Wisdom

My comeback was weirdly serious! I mean I know I did the ranty blogger thing but... there was discussion! I must confess to only reading the ones here after getting sucked into much brain thinking in the ensuing Plurk debate and I'm a bit calmer now, so I figured my next appearance should be one of my old faithfuls - silly with lots of skin! One slight problem I had though - my skin was falling off.

Zombie Pumpkin

Nope, not some Viewer 2 bug, no fancy mesh skins - I just went rummaging through my inventory and found out that skin had gone off. I guess I should've patched up the holes before I put it into storage but now it's all mouldy and falling apart. But it's that time of year when we all remember we have some zombie skin we picked up somewhere long forgotten and try to dress it up sexily for some spooky party. You know the ones - half the people want to pull a vampire and the other half just want Candi (ideally with a heart dotting the i). Luckily for me Vision Eyes gave out a nice launch pack a while back which included Vampric Eyes (which are usually 50L a pair), so I threw the blood balls in and felt ready to impress the vampire hunters!

With the zombie look developing nicely I decided to fall back on that piece of trivia that for some reason there is always one person willing to tell the room despite the fact that 90% of the people there already know it and it was only kinda cool the first time you were told it anyway - when you die your hair and nails keep growing. This was a dilemma for my shaven headed self, but luckily I'd seen an advert for a weekend sale at Bryce so I hopped on over - and promptly ignored what the 50L bargain I'd been eyeing up, because round the back of the reception desk I picked up the Saul fatpack for 0L which suited my cheap self rather finely if I do say so myself. Bingo, not only did I have hair but the pack contains a nicely deathly white offering too!

With skin and hair I figure I'm a fully equipped zombie, so I went ona graveyard tour looking for some friends. Big mistake. At my first stop I tried talking to some fellow zombies, but despite being far more decomposed than they were they kept biting me! And the free pistol at the front door didn't actually blow their prim selves up either. So I moved on to find real people! We'll ignore the tragedy of the next few sims (although really, if you don't want strangers arriving at your graveyard just take yourself out of search...) before I landed at a jam packed graveyard sim! Granted, I don't speak much spanish so I couldn't mingle brilliantly, but I did realise they thought there was something a little unusual about my attire. Which is when I realised I needed to hide my pumpkin!

Now personally I think they were over-reacting. Whilst I was naked, I had rotted enough that my parts had fallen off so I was pretty PG. But apparently it still counts. Luckily I knew I had the perfect little pills tucked away, some healthy VITAMEN pills in fact, in the shape of their seasonal peark thongs. They're free gifts and you get one in black and one in orange - they really do put the treat in trick or treating!

Realising that no-one wanted to talk to me now I was less obscene I went to sulk by a tree. I got out the newly released Undead Pose pack from Embody and started playing with myself - which was when a crazy lady followed me over (she probably had the same dirty thoughts you perverts did when I said I was playing with myself!) Luckily she arrived just in time for a little growl and she soon ran off, because it's only when you crawl around on all fours you notice that those pearl thongs do not cover much of your rosey buttocks!

Zombie Bumkin

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