Saturday, October 22, 2011

#3 Mannerism

Dooohhh... this outfit is jinxed! Every time time I've worked on it, I've had to re-build it from scratch because it refuses to load. Someone or something don't want me to go there.

It's time for the third week of my personal fashion challenge based on a competition held by Finesmith Jewelry last year. It will feel good to have this one behind me, for more than one reason.

The theme for the third week's challenge was 'Mannerism', the period of late Renaissance, the period of da Vinci and Michelangelo. It's characterised by intellectualisation and a move away from 'art imitating nature' to 'art imitating art'. I read somewhere that the art at this time was criticised for the un-natural poses and aloof expressions of the human subjects and that got my associations running haywire.


The image of FL fashion models sprang to mind and I could see the whole modern era with it's obsession with mind on the expense of feeling. An era of control, elitism, dominance and increasing artificiality. I don't see any point where the fashion genres labelled 'avant garde' and the hard side of 'fetishism' breaks off from modernism... they are thoughts thought to their logical end.


So... something that most would put in the 'avant garde' genre used to interpret the late renaissance, all based around Finesmith's In the Flash - Acupuncture pieces. The chest piece consisting of the official chest piece with a couple of earpieces added. The weight of the jewellery would make attaching and wearing them a feat of self control me thinks... but they are fantastically beautiful to look at and this is SL. No avatars were hurt taking these shots.

Clothing wise I started of down the line of the control a good horseman has over his/her animal and geometric symmetry. A lot of searching and I decided the Triangle pants from Source with all those nails inserted in a regular pattern matched my thought and the jewellery best. The hip pads were colour modded and used with the high cut Reich pants from Tableau Vivant... sometimes solid black is a blessing! 

G246 Boots from Graves, shoulder pads from Osakki's Assassin outfit and Cyber tattoo from sYs completed the image, all giving the right visual signs and keeping the lines flowing.

There you have it. The spooked outfit! 

While on the subject and since you can't go anywhere without stumbling over pumkins at the moment, here's to the season:

Enjoy and have fun.... muahahahahahaha

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