Sunday, October 30, 2011

Viewed from afar

I'm stuck in FL! Something's gone wrong with my account and I can't log into SL. Linden isn't exactly falling over themselves to solve the problem so... pffftt... I have no idea how prolonged this agony will be.

In some ways it's an interesting experience. The withdrawal symptoms and the soul searching... ^^ 

Finesmith Full

The blogging bug has, however, bit me badly and I have a NEED to do something. So I'll present something I prepared earlier as they say. 

This weekend, I was hoping to enter a competition at Finesmith... but... pffftt!!! I put this outfit together for my application. I've blogged everything before, everything except the Lorena Shawl by Finesmith, a very contemporary creation of loose balls of metal wire mounted on a light frame. The fresh lightness of this creation is pure pleasure and it asks something of a different response than most other pieces of jewellery. 

Finesmith Head

A menu gives several options of metals and colours which creates umpteens possibilities. Just to uphold the public moral, I'm wearing my male nipples today, ok? No need for any upset ;) 

Hahahaha... that's about as much I've got without prattling. Hope to see you inworld soon. In the meantime, have fun!

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