Saturday, October 1, 2011

Smooth Move

Hiya yet again... another few days behind us and I've got a fresh pile of stuff to show and tell as well as as another 'old friend' of mine to introduce.


First, I've got some new stuff that looked so cool I couldn't resist it and which ended up in this futuristic cyber haute outfit. Starting point is a new release male high waisted pants from Tableau Vivant disclosed at the Modavia Fashion Week. Hehe... they are so black that beside their outline, I don't have clue what they actually look like. XD Still, the outline is great as is the high waist and I'm very fond of them. *Nods nods in earnest* 

The intriguing top with it's single poofy sleeve is the jacket and dress top is the latest and VERY generous and worthwhile group gift at Beautiful Dirty Rich, the black Reputation dress with jacket and gloves (fat pack of colours to celebrate the umpteen numbered group size). Their MM boards are featuring bits with similar potential atm, the Dancing in the dark jacket is a definite have even if fishnet dresses or neko isn't your style.

The TERA hair and sans heel Activa ankle boots (some colour changing options available) are new releases from MADesigns and Neurolab Inc. respectively. The hairs are being pushed in black but they are available in all colours in the women's hair department. Combed hair base's from BooN, which I like because of the realistic hairline down the side of the face.

The pants are still only available on the Modavia sim, they haven't reached the stores yet. In fact, the whole shopping area from the earlier fashion week is still up... as are all the freebies. If you haven't been there yet, there's still time. Just join the group and they're all yours. It's well worth the effort.


OK, that was my new stuff. What about my old friend? Well, believe it or not but the pose in the picture above with the mask is my own and I made it inworld. How cool is that? (I'm not referring to the pose.) 

Some time ago I bought the Animare Pose & Animation System by YT Recreant on the market place for the massive amount of 299L and those are probably some of my best spent lindens to date.


Animare's greatest usefulness for me is in modifying existing poses for a photo. Like this one by Del May. With these poofy pants, my hands ends up inside the poofs, which doesn't make a decent shot. With the help of the HUD, a single click freed my hand so I can use this angle to show off the heel-less design of the boots. Nifty eh? The changed position of my arm even added a little extra dynamics.


This is how the Animare HUD looks like... you simply click on the joint you want, then click on the arrows to move it. The blue dots shows the ones you've fiddled with and the green shows the presently selected one. Simple.

You can even move your avatar around by using a rezzed pose ball in case you're using props. I should make it clear that this is not a tool with which you can simply 'record' and steal other peoples creations. It doesn't work that way. What it allows you to do is to make temporary adjustments of existing poses or create your own from scratch. 

If you have created a pose you want to keep, a click on the export button will give you a set of values in chat which you copy paste into a downloadable file from the website. After saving and renaming the file, it can be uploaded into SL again as an animation file. You don't need any animation software, only a text editor that can open BVH files. I'm using the free Textwrangler on my Mac, TY mentions Notepad. It's even possible, apparently, to use Animare for animations.... Simple to follow instructions are found on the website and the creator is a pleasant person who happily makes himself available in case of problems that's not covered by the webpage.

HOWEVER, this tool will not replace a 'traditional' animation software. The movements of joints are done in steps and for some body parts, like the hips, those steps are a bit too large for subtle poses. It is, HOWEVER again, a brilliant and fun toy... ehm, TOOL... to work with inworld and as I'm getting more and more into making my own poses, I find it an invaluable help.

This is that for this time. See you soon. In the meantime, take care and have fun!

Ohps! If you haven't firmly closed the shutters to the resent FL issues, I can't recommend you enough to listen to the interview below. If you're doing your best to ignore it, I recommend it even more. There are signs of attempts from above to stop it from being widely watched. This is, indeed, the time of 'speak up now or be silenced forever'. It's our choice. If this link cease to work as well, enjoy the practical demonstration of 'free speech' ^^

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