Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Shadow Play

I'm blind... *blinks hard at the pile* Am standing at MADesigns, where I've been so many times lately, and not until right now do I see them. 'Them' being 25 free gifts packages to pick up from familiar and respected stores and some not as familiar. *Grabs them all and rushes home to a few hours of fun.*

Hectic unpacking and trying on. Although most are for guys, as could be expected at MADesigns, there's good things for other peeps as well. Thumbs up for this initiative. There's a few stores among this stuff that will get a visit a bit later, that's for sure. 

Here's some of what I found in the treasure trove...

Shadow Play 3

This poncho is from CheeNo not only comes in fem and male versions but also versions with their own AO to keep arms under the garment. Khaki pants, chosen for their colour, where gifted by Shiki together with a blue top.

Pose was gifted by BeScene. I did a lousy job with it above, my apologies to the creator. I didn't want to modify it for any reason since it was to be named so I left the arm poking through the poncho a little. The light/shadow effect on the wall was too satisfying to turn and stand properly against the wall. Sometimes being a visual artist is a handicap :P

Shadow Play 2

In fact, to learn more about shadows in SL was as much the goal for this photo session as showing the stuff. My apologies for my lessons taught me what NOT to do. Life's a journey ^^

The set of 10 (12 if a couple of relaxed hand alternatives are included) from Diesel Works are not only too good to ignore but proved handy to show the upper body kanji tattoo from HUZ TATS without breaking the rating as well. XD 

Jeans (with prim cuffs) and tied wrist band are to be found in the gift from *FIR* and the black gloves in SF design.

Shadow Play 4

The most important thing I've learnt about light and shadows is that you loose transparent textures as soon as you turn them on. That's a real bummer and a big limitation on such a cool feature. I was to pre-occupied with figuring out how to catch the movement in the little trying-to-stand-still-but-the-music-is-too-good-dance from AKEYO to realise that the dark glass in the sunglasses didn't render. No wonder everything tends to look so solid with shadows switched on.

Shorts and shirt are gifted by Connors, sunglasses (complete with dark frames, promise) by Adjunct and shoes by Duh!. The watch from GBTM is a keeper even if I use my computer to keep track of time. The scripting involved behind the complex display must be a scripting master piece and will be treasured as such.

Shadow Play 1

MADesigns has a giftie, too... but not a hair. Their box is filled to the brim with of a long list of really useful stuff such as a HUD controlled face light, emoter HUD, full perm building textures, eyes and even a couple of their male poses. There's also a full perm pose stand filled with all the 'classic' freebie poses from around the block. A real juicy package that made me go all soft in my knees to be honest. Among what I understand are older eyes are two pairs of brown of the latest generation. I'm wearing a  pair of those in these images. Wonderfully clear and with just the right amount of tinting of the whites to look natural without  the hay fever or the morning after effect.

The hair is not part of these riches, it's my Rosa from Discord Designs. Why such a great unisex hair has such a gendered name is beyond me... it's a fantastic tangle of braids that would look good on anyone with almost anything! 

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Roslynd Turbo said...

Turning on shadows doesn't drop transparent textures - must have been a viewer bug you were experiencing but I just finished a photo shoot that included transparency and shadows no problem.