Saturday, October 8, 2011

Meshy Madness

Yes, the crazy angry male blogger is still alive! Just... But I'm still here. Why so quiet lately though? Because SL has been annoying me. I'm not a viewer 2 hater but I must say it does run slower on my computer, and the inventory options do make it a little harder for me to keep everything organised as well as before (and I'll be honest, it wasn't that well organised then...). But I do like the Outfit stuff, I'm slowly building up those so that I can dress quickly should I need to leap out a window or anything. But it's the mesh thing that is bugging me.

You see, the problem is... I like mesh! It's pretty cool when you look at it really, it's just the whole resize problem. And this is where my personal anger and problems come in - it makes me not want to buy any clothing just now! I want super cool menswear meshes and no-one will make them. Okay, not quite no-one. My friends over at 22769 (who now have a swish island all to themselves btw) have made mens jeans in mesh. I really like them too. I just don't fit them.

Jack in the jack ups

In fact it's even worse if I take off the alpha layer...

Donald where's yer troosers?

And then they release some dirty blue denims for La Venta Eventa with prims. And the thing is, they don't fit me either.

A new start

But this time I can lower the cuffs and narrow them down slightly and they fit!

Perffick Troosers

And those are nice prim jeans. Now I know it's a weekend sale but for 75L I get those jeans, a sweater, and a scarf. All prim! So do I buy prim clothing know it's a dying technology, or mesh in the hope that any resizing fixes will apply to stuff I already own? Or do I just buy nothing at all? it's so frustrating it just makes me shake my fist! Which I can actually do with the Slasher poses Embody have at The Theme Park.

But I've decided to mellow a bit. I still like a lot of prim clothing, and although I suspect in a year or so I'll think it looks dated and newbish I'm turning my back on good clothes now. Which is silly, and not in the good way. We all know I do silly in the good way, that's why I've been playing Glitch instead of getting annoyed at SL's current state of flux. That's also why I went to A:S:S for the Glitchy Tees they're ofering in this weekend's La Venta Eventa, and the boys and girls even get different badges, but I'm definitely a cheesemonger so I'm glad I'm male.

I do hope this mesh debacle sorts itself out soon though. There's the JIRA, and the fundraising, and lots of uncertainty about who is doing what. I guess I pay enough attention to this stuff to realise I'm not confident in anything happening right now, so rather than give up, I'm going to keep eyeing prims and accept that mesh isn't actually here yet. Which is a shame.


Serene Fairey said...

Hoorenbeek is starting to make mesh clothes for men. Their new jeans look nice. But darn it they don't have them for women (yet?)

Siss said...

I don't think prim clothing will be replaced with mesh, rather compliment it. I can't wear mesh either but I'm happy to wait. Even the top designers don't make mesh that can be counted among their best designs yet. I'm patient.

Anonymous said...

Until mesh clothing designers make pants that fit gents with long legs, we will get this problem. And unless everyone else is on a Mesh compliant viewer, then all that will be seen is blobs and pieces of avatar missing as the invisible alpha layers take hold. There is a way apparently for Linden Labs to allow Mesh alterations by customers and they might do this in the future if they get enough encouragement from said customers. Mesh is easier on the computer as there are less vertices to rez on mesh than there are on sculpts. Prims didn't die out with the advent of sculpts, and I think all three will still be used in SL so buy whatever you fancy :) Moz